Repute and long-standing brand recognition

Haixi China has been established since 1995 and has long-standing recognition in the Chinese pharmaceutical products market. Over the years, Haixi China's products have remained reliable, safe and of the highest quality. Accordingly, it has high levels of brand loyalty and awareness, which ensures predictability and security of demand for the Group.

Mature and stable, yet competitive business model

By having a vertically-integrated business model, Haixi China is able to continually manufacture and sell its products in a cost- and time-effective manner. Given its long operating history and standing in the market, Haixi China has developed long-standing partnerships with various qualified and trusted suppliers of raw and packaging materials. Similarly, Haixi China has also entered into a number of distribution agreements with intermediaries, agencies or other trusted and highly regarded pharmaceutical companies (Agents), which then on-sell Haixi China's products to end-consumers.

By having established and mutually beneficial relationships, Haixi China is able to ensure the consistency and quality of its products as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of its sales and marketing strategies.

Experienced management personnel

The Board of Directors and management team have extensive management and financial expertise, including work experience in or with global firms, listed companies, stock exchanges and CPA Australia. They also bring to the Company over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Established research and development practices and personnel

Haixi China has an established research and development (R&D) practice which is committed to developing and improving the quality of its pharmaceutical products as well as the efficiency of its production processes. To do this, Haixi China has employed 4 licensed pharmacists and 1 assistant engineer to lead its research and development (R&D) team.

To date, Haixi China is the only company in China holding State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) approvals for the production (Production Approval) of this anemone-based product.

Exclusive Production Approvals

Haixi China holds an exclusive Production Approval for Chinese herbal anemone as well as 35 Production Approvals that only a very limited number of other pharmaceutical product manufacturers hold. As such, Haixi China has a product range which is unique and exclusive, thereby protecting and ensuring high-levels of demand for Haixi China's products.

Production processes that fulfil Good Manufacturing Practices standards

Haixi China's production management processes satisfy the Good Manufacturing Practice standards established by the SFDA. To ensure ongoing compliance, Haixi China has developed and implemented a uniform code of production, which entails strict management protocols and detailed operating procedures. This ensures and maintains strict product safety standards, quality and standardisation as well as sustainable and efficient production processes.

High levels of brand loyalty and awareness, ensure predictability and security of demand for the Group.

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